Legal Stuff

Registered Charity

“MAGIC MOMENTS FOR AUTISTIC KIDS” was founded in February 2002, and attained registered charity status on 3rd September 2002. Charity No. 1093679

Address: 1 Anderson Road, Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire, DN16 1PU.

Meetings held periodically at: 1 Market Hill, Scunthorpe, DN15 6SS.

The Trustees

Mrs. Patricia Ebbs: Chairperson and Founder
Mrs. Alyson Rocks: Treasurer
Mrs. Abigail Cryer: Secretary
Mr. Martin Ely
Mrs. Rachel Ely
Mrs. Gill Nottingham
Mr. Richard Podmore

Agreements and Policies


Magic Moments’ Solicitor is Steven Warne of Laneham St, Scunthorpe.
All holiday deposits are non refundable and a legal document is currently being prepared by solicitor.
All holidays are charged at a nominal amount agreed upon by trustees.


The charity has the following polices and procedures in place that are available upon request:
*Charity Constitution.
*Health and Safety Policy
*Risk Assessments
*Equality and Diversity Policy
*Disability Discrimination
*Safeguarding Policy

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